Owing to the current health crisis we have temporarily closed the Chapel and all Activities are suspended until further notice.

We have a vibrant and popular Children’s and Young People’s work at the Chapel.

All enquiries please contact;  Jamie & Beckie Wyncoll  Tel: 01206 323095   Email:


 We provide Bible teaching, discussion and activity based groups for all children and young people during our Sunday morning service of Worship. Each Group follows the exciting Urban Saints programme.  Sunday Morning Groups


 Sparkes Childrens Club Stratford Chapel Held Friday’s during term time from 5pm – 6.30pm. This group is for Children aged 7 -11 years and provides themed and pre-planned Bible teaching, Activities and Refreshments.

The Group is currently attended by 20-30 children.


Table Tennis at Stratford ChapelHeld Friday’s from 7.30pm – 9.30pm. This Club is for Young People aged 11- 17 years. Facilities include Electronic Basketball, Table Tennis, Pool, Table Football, Karaoke, Screened Computer Games, Coffee Bar and Tuck Shop.

The Club is currently attended by between 35-55 Young People.

Young People at Stratford Chapel


Pizza & chips  Held in the Church Lounge at between 4pm – 5.30pm on one Sunday afternoon of each month, for Young People aged School year 9 and over. This work is linked to the Ignition Youth Club and provides a basis for raising and answering “first order questions”. The afternoon concludes with a Group Tea.